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Technical & Business Consulting

Why Ask Larry ?


When you need someone who has “been there and done that” by your side,  Ask Larry.   Larry is an experienced and knowledgeable adviser who brings technical and business know how to the table.  When you need someone who thinks outside the box and has no prejudged opinions of what you should do, then Asking Larry may save you countless dollars and valuable time.


Larry has over 50 years of experience starting new companies that designed, developed and manufactured high tech products in electronic communications and aviation systems. Manufacturing and installing systems in an aircraft required the highest level of quality control and precision.  Where mistakes are measured not in dollars, but in human life, you are very thorough. Bringing that concern for quality to any project or endeavor will always help assure success.


When it comes to business it didn’t take long to realize that a business has to make a profit or failure follows shortly. Not every business I started was a success.  However, the learning curve was short and mistakes are very valuable lessons.  Hopefully my mistakes can help you avoid some of yours.


Marketing for many is a black art.  How to (grow a business, increase sales, improve profitability, get people to want your product or service), these are skills that are often so elusive for the business owner.  A good marketing consultant does not cost you, but helps you, make money.  Larry has been helping other businesses to succeed and prosper for 20 years. Let me help you.